Oleksii Ivanovych




     The noted scientist in the field of pipeline pneumotrasport, geotechnologies, thermal engineering, space-rocket complexes, Voloshyn Oleksii Ivanovych was born on 19 March, 1951 in Novocherkask, Rostov oblast, Russia. In 1968, he became a student of the Mining Institute in Dnipropetrovs’k. In 1973, he received honors diploma by specialty “Mining Machines and Complexes” and started his work for the M.S.Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics under the National Academy of Science of Ukraine where he worked for almost 40 years. He was the best young inventor. In 1980 he became Candidate of Technical Sciences and in 1990 – Doctor of Technical Sciences. In 2006, Mr. Voloshyn was awarded a title of Professor and in the same year he became the Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine by specialty “Mechanics of Liquids and Gases”. He is academician of Transport Academy of Ukraine from 1993. He is General Director of the Institute of Strategic Technologies specialized in designing and creation of new cosmic technologies to search resources in the Solar System. He also heads the Scientific-and-Engineering Center “Ecology-Geos” of Ukrainian Division of the International Center of Scientific Culture “World Lab” which was founded in 1986 with the aim to unite all scientists of the world for joint realization of different research programs with universal importance for the people prosperity and safety. Prof.Voloshyn is the Head of the Department of Vibratory Pneumotransporting Systems and Complexes from 1994 and Deputy Director of the M.S.Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics under the National Academy of Science of Ukraine from 1995.

     Prof. Voloshyn is a founder of the pneumotransporting mechanics. He designed and gave physical explanation of mathematical model of two-phase gas-solid flows motion with the help of heterogeneous medium mechanics. The fundamental theory of the two-phase flows moving in the area under the impact of vibroaerodynamic forces gave a rise to formation of a new trend in designing of new hi-tech mine pneumotransporting equipments – small, economical, highly-effective vibropneumotransporting machines of continuous and cyclic action. It was first time in the world practice when vibropneumotransporting machines were created for transporting wet and adhesive materials. The machines leave the rocks in the mined area of the mine in the form of highly-porous strip packing which provide efficient supports for the gate roads.

     Under the head and with participation of Prof. Voloshyn, an absolutely new practice was designed for specifying rational technological parameters of mining operations in the inclined coal seams. Novelty of the practice and its key advantage is that it is the first in the world practice which simultaneously considers a combination of up to 36 geological and technical factors which directly impact on effectiveness of the mining operations.

     The practice has been realized in the form of program-technological complex “Technology of Strategic Development of Mining Operations”, which helps to specify technical and technological parameters for each mining district providing balanced combination of face loading, observance of safety regulations and maximally possible economic results of the mines. Large-scale testing of the Technology in the mines of Western and Central Donbas showed its high functionality and economic efficiency.

     The scientist made an invaluable contribution into the heat power engineering by designing a mathematical model of turbulent motion of nonisothermal heated swirling gas flows contained burning solid particles with taking into account their varied weight and heat-exchange between gas phase and solid phase and chemical changes occurred in the gas flows. Basing on the findings, he designed an innovative practice for low-grade coal firing in the furnaces of thermal power plants with the help of the created high-temperature thermodynamic reactor. The practice allowing burning with no gas and mazut at practically full reduction of underburning minimal content of  volatile matter (less than 4%).

     Prof. Voloshyn together with Yuzhnoye State Design Office created absolutely new precise methods to control hermeticity of hollow wares operating under the excessive pressure in the space-rocket complexes and in other industries.

     They designed a device for controlling leakage by fixed-volume method which is the most perfect mean of leakage testing with no pressure chamber. Testing results showed absolutely new challenge for creating the state standard for unit of power for gas micro flows.

     Prof. Voloshyn presented all his achievements in the field of geotechnology, thermal engineering and space-rocket complexes in 193 publications including 6 monographs, 58 inventions, one scientific discovery, 3 patents and 7 certificates of author’s rights .

     Scientific papers and methodologies written by Prof. Voloshyn are widely used in educational process for preparing bachelors, specialists and masters by specialties “Engineering Mechanics” and “Mining Engineering” in the National Mining University.

     Prof. Voloshyn always with great pleasure passes his long-term experience to the young generation. Under his scientific guidance three Doctor’s and three Candidate’s dissertations were defended. He is an active participant of the scientific and organizational activity: the scientist was a member of the Experts’ Council of Supreme Classification Board of Ukraine for three terms, is a member of specialized Scientific Council of the Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, NAS of Ukraine, member of National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the NAS of Ukraine, member of editorial staff of the Collected Scientific Papers “Geotechnical Mechanics”, and head of the State Experts’ Commission of the National Mining University.

     Prof. Voloshyn is a holder of all types of the breastplates “The Miner’s Glory”. 

     Understanding scale and value of the scientific activity of Oleksii Voloshyn everybody is convinced that noting is impossible – as the scientist likes to repeat.