Ernest Ivanovich



         Ernest I. Efremov is a well-known scientist and mining engineer in the field of physics of the rock explosion and breaking with the help of blast energy.

     He is Doctor of Technical Science (1973), Professor (1976), Corresponding Member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine (1985).

     Ernest I. Efremov was born on November 14, 1934, in Donetsk. After finishing a secondary school with silver medal, he entered Mining Faculty in the Dnipropetrovs’k Mining Institute (today it is the National Mining University).

     After graduating the Institute in 1957 he worked in the mining industry starting form the Kolpakovskaya Coal Mine 1-2, Bokovantratsit Company, and Yantsevo Granit-Cutting Works (1957-1958). From 1959 till 1962, he worked in the Dnipropetrovs’k Mining Institute, Department of Opencast Mining Operations where, under the guidance of Prof. M.G.Novozhilov, he studied drilling-and-blasting operations in the Ukrainian pits and methods for their improvement.

     Since 1962 and till now, Ernest I. Efremov works in the M.S. Polyakov’s Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, working his way up from senior engineer (1969-1974) to Deputy Director of the Institute on Science (1974-1992). Since 1974, he is the Head of Department of Rock Explosion Mechanics.

     Main scientific and practical activities of Prof. Efremov refer to solving of fundamental physical problems of the solid explosive rupture and, basing on the knowledge of this process physics, developing of new energy-saving environment-friendly safety methods and practices for the rock explosive rupture control.

     Under his guidance, and with his personal participation, the key physical factors were and are researched which predetermine character and intensity of the solids crushing under the effect of the blast energy. Basing on the findings of these researches, theoretical principals were established for designing of new highly effective methods for the rock breaking which gave a platform for the widest implementation of the progressive cyclic-continuous mining technology in the iron-ore opencast mines of Krivbass.

     Prof. Eframov was the first who experimentally estimated role and number of the key factors which determine mechanism of the solid rock breaking (such as stress wave, explosion gaseous products and parting collision) in total mechanics of the unit fractured media explosion with taking into account the medium properties and character of the blast loading, and specified ways for improving the blast effect.

     Prof. Eframov established a previously unknown regularity of the blast physics changes and specified conditions under which efficiency of the explosive mixture could be essentially improved when electrical potential caused by the explosion is changed.

     Prof. Eframov proved that the more intensive are stress waves in the process of the water-flooded solid blast loading the greater is area of their failure.

     The Prof. Eframov’s inventions include new blast technologies and multi-ingredient explosives with the simplest composition implementation of which is resulted in considerable economic effect in Ukraine opencast mines and improved ecological situation in the regions.

     Prof. Eframov is a scientist who has created his own scientific school in the field of physics of the rock explosive rupture and enriched the science with scientific works of paramount importance. He is widely known in Ukraine and many other countries. He has prepared one doctor of science and 32 candidates of science. He is an author of 21 monographs, a lot of textbooks, reference books and 140 inventions and patents. He has published 485 scientific articles.

     Prof. Efremov was a reporter in numerous conferences and symposiums in Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Kirgizia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc. His reports were highly appreciated by the scientific community.

     In 1989, Prof. Efremov was elected a Constant Honour Member of the Scientific Community Association of Republic of Hungary as a recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements, public activity inside and outside Hungary and fruitful cooperation with the Scientific Community in the field of building industry development.

     Prof. Efremov successfully combines his scientific work with pedagogical activity. For more that 30m years, he teaches mining science for the students as he is professor of the Department of Opencasting in the National Mining University.

     Prof. Efremov is also very active in social life. He is a Head of Scientific Council of Presidium of National Academy of Science of Ukraine in the field of “Mechanics and Explosion Technologies…”; Chief Editor of informational bulletin of the Ukrainian Explosive Engineers Union and Vice-President of the Ukrainian Explosive Engineers Union; Deputy Head of Specialized Scientific Council on defending theses in IGTM, NANU; Deputy Head of Inter-Departmental Council on Explosion Science under Committee of the State Industrial Supervision of Ukraine. etc.

     His scientific and social activities are highly appreciated by various awards, the following are in particular: the State Award of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering (1983, 1997); Certificate of Honour of the Supreme Soviet of the UkrSSR (1985) “For the successes in development of the mining science and preparation of scientific manpower”; O.Dinnik Premium of the NAS of Ukraine (1989); Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine (1993) “For weighty personal contribution into development and implementation of scientific achievements, consolidation of technical and scientific potential of Ukraine”; order “For Outstanding Service” of the III Class (2004); Certificate of Honour of the Verchovnaya Rada ofUkraine (225) “For great services rendered to the Ukrainian people”; Award of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine “For scientific achievements” (2008).

     For the personal contribution into further development of the Ukrainian mining industry, Prof. Eferemov was awarded by breastplates “The Miner’s Glory” of all three classes  and “The Miner’s Prowess” of the third class.